Saturday, May 28, 2011

Google has blessed me with $5000 monthly income

By now you have probably seen ads claiming that they will make you rich instantaneously.

Intentifying scams is actually quite easy. If something sounds too good to be true, your senses are right. The sooner you realize that unless you win a lottery, you will have to work your way up in order to reach the leprechaun's pot of gold.

There's tons of ads saying google pays people tons an hour/month. Take a moment to think: if that was so easy, wouldn't the whole world be doing that? The answer is yes.

These hoax ads are quite cunning actually. They have gone through the trouble of creating fake news articles about themselves to make their product more tangible. I've even seen videos that portray their product on evening news on TV. Don't be gullible, its all fake.

Usually these websites are not fully developed - all the links don't even direct you where they are supposed to. These scam programs virtually deliver nothing. You are promised an income, but first you have to pay them. If you use your credit card, they will probably start charging you monthly.

Most scams are legally not even SCAMS. They send you an article or a book on a subject they promised, which is totally worthless and not worth your money. Once you are through with what they sent you, you have learned that you need to make a website that people will visit and they need to click ads on your page. I probably just saved you a hundred bucks by telling you this.

Don't be gullible!  
Also - learning to read the fine print is a great asset for your future endeavors online.


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